Man at the grill

Don’t Toss These Foods In Your Garbage Disposal!

During the summer, nothing beats cooking out on the grill with your family and friends. However, be careful about what you do with your leftovers. Here are some of the worst BBQ foods to toss into your garbage disposal.

Chicken Bones

Chicken bones should never go in the garbage disposal. Not only will they damage the disposal blades – chicken bones are incredibly tough, and just like slamming a knife into bones, it can dull them out incredibly quickly – they are unlikely to completely break down. This will leave chunks of bone and marrow in your pipes, possibly contributing to an existing clog or even starting a new one. Chicken can also leave behind grease, which is problematic on its own.


While it might seem harmless to pour your melted grease down the garbage disposal, you’re unknowingly forming a dangerous clog. Once the liquid grease is allowed to congeal, it’s only a matter of time before it hardens on the side of the pipes and forms a clog.

Potato Peels

No matter how you prepare your potatoes, you should never put potato peels down the garbage disposal. The heavy starch from the potato peels can turn into a thick paste that can both cause the disposal blades to stick, as well as get stuck in your drain pipe. It's incredibly difficult to get rid of this residue, and it can easily catch additional residue that goes down your drain, creating an even larger blockage. On top of that, the peels themselves can also collect in the drainpipe, which eventually creates a clog. The best approach is to put potato peels into a plastic grocery bag and toss them in your garbage can.

Corn on the Cob

Unfortunately, most garbage disposals aren’t designed to handle corn cobs. Even the most durable blades have trouble grinding up corn cobs, which are simply too fibrous. This is also true for celery and fruit pits. To clear the blockage, you’ll likely need to call in a licensed plumber.

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