5 Common HVAC Mistakes Homeowners Make

As New Jersey residents, we’re no stranger to the bone-chilling weather that occurs in the wintertime. We battle those frigid temperatures by bundling up or taking refuge in our homes, where our fireplaces and furnaces are ablaze. While inside, your HVAC system plays an integral role in the comfort of your home, but high utility bills, inefficient systems, and frequent repairs barrel in and threaten to disrupt the comfort you’ve built.

The Jack Frost Heating & Air Conditioning team is here to help maximize the life of your HVAC system while saving you money and energy. Avoid these common mistakes that homeowners make below:

Not changing the filters

The number one, and easiest, way to care for your HVAC system is to replace its filter every 2 to 3 months. This not only keeps your unit healthy, but it keeps your home’s air healthy too. Failing to do so allows dirt and debris to accumulate, which then circulates throughout your home. It also means your system will have to work harder to push out air, causing it to become inefficient. To help you with this task, we recommend setting a reminder on your phone.

Shutting the doors to unused rooms

On the surface, it makes sense to close the doors to rooms that aren’t being used to save money and energy. But the mechanics behind your HVAC system are sophisticated, which means it’s been designed to push out a specific volume of air, and it expects the same amount in return. When you block off an area, the balance is thrown off, and air pressure grows, which creates adverse effects that waste energy.

Not using the thermostat correctly

Advances in technology have made our lives more manageable— take advantage of it! You can utilize your programmable or smart thermostat to make more energy-efficient and money-saving habits. These state-of-the-art devices allow you to input a set schedule for when you’d like it to run, lifting away the manual stresses. Gone are the days where you condemn yourself for leaving for work before realizing you mistakenly left the heater on all day. Talk to our experienced team today for any questions you have about smart thermostats!

While on the topic of thermostats, you should also be mindful of what’s surrounding yours. Direct sunlight, fireplaces, lamps, and other appliances emit heat, which can affect your thermostat’s reading and cause it to run longer than necessary.

Crowding the outdoor unit

We understand that not everyone likes the sight of their air conditioner unit, so they try to disguise it behind plants and bushes. While this is completely acceptable, remember to leave a decent amount of breathing room for the unit. This will keep debris from getting stuck and damaging the system. Plus, if anything goes wrong, it helps our technicians easily access it and repair the problem.

Skipping HVAC maintenance

With your car, you keep up with the necessary maintenance, so that it can get you from point A to point B reliably, and your HVAC system is no different. We receive dozens of calls for repairs that could have been prevented with the right care. At Jack Frost, we make this easy for our customers by offering a variety of maintenance plans to help them enjoy the comfort of their homes. On top of all the benefits included in each plan, members also receive tune-ups for the year, discounts on services, priority scheduling, extended warranties, waived diagnostic fees, 24-hour emergency service discount, and more.

Start taking steps to a healthier, safer, more comfortable, and energy-efficient home with Jack Frost. Contact us at (973) 270-9096 or online for more information!