HVAC professional performing an AC tune-up.

How to Maintain Your AC for Top Performance

It can be easy to forget about regular AC system tune-ups, but as the weather gets warmer, you don’t want to run into any problems when you need your AC the most. Neglecting AC maintenance can cause your system’s performance to slowly decline over the years, resulting in more energy use and ultimately a higher electricity bill. This can also lead to system failures that require extensive repairs, or in some cases complete replacement.

Here are a few ways to maintain your AC for top performance for the upcoming season.

Change the Filters

Replacing and cleaning your air conditioner’s filters is one of the most important maintenance steps to ensure quality airflow. If your AC filters are clogged and dirty, they could potentially block the airflow from your system and significantly reduce your system’s efficiency. More importantly, if there is an excess buildup of dirt and dust, this will decrease your indoor air quality, which is crucial for everyday life.

Dirty filters will cause your system to slow down, which means it has to work even harder to create airflow. An overworked system means a shorter lifespan and higher energy use. Follow your user’s manual instructions to see how often you should change your filter.

Clean the Condenser Coils

Over time, your air conditioner’s outdoor condenser coils collect dirt, debris, twigs, and other junk that can cause inadequate airflow into your home. Falling leaves and your lawn mower are all sources of debris buildup around your condenser unit, and you should try and minimize the amount of dirt your condenser coils collect. For top performance, your condenser unit should be cleaned at least twice a year.

Adjust Your Thermostat

To maximize your AC system’s lifespan, adjust your thermostat to a higher temperature when you know you will be out of the house for long periods of time. This will give your AC a break so it doesn’t have to be working as hard while no one is home. If you have a newer thermostat with a programmable option, set the thermostat to match your schedule so it runs at a warmer temperature while you’re at work each day but turns to a cooler temperature when you arrive home.

Keep Your Vents Clear

Although it might be tempting to cover vents in your home, make sure they are clear from all furniture, curtains, or other items that could prevent airflow coming from them. When vents are blocked, your AC system has to work harder, which causes higher electricity bills.

Check for Cracks in Window Units

If you have window unit air conditioners, check the seal between the unit and the window frame to make sure it makes contact with the unit’s metal case. If there is a crack, cool air can escape from your house.

Pro tip: In the winter, remove your window unit and store it. This will protect the unit from winter weather and debris that can potentially damage it.

Check Your Ductwork

It’s best to visually check your ductwork from time to time to make sure it’s sealed properly. If it’s incorrectly sealed, the cool air will escape before entering your home, making your system less efficient.

Pro tip: Check your doors and windows for any cracks or openings that cool air might be escaping through.

Schedule Professional AC Maintenance

It’s always recommended to have regular tune-ups on your AC system before the start of the warmer seasons to make sure everything is working efficiently and not having a negative impact on your home's air quality. You don’t want to run into any problems when you need your AC the most.

Flanders AC Maintenance

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