An HVAC technician holding a regular and inspecting an outdoor AC unit.

Signs You Need a Heater Repair

When Heaters Need Repair

Your heater is the key to keeping you warm during harsh winter months, especially in New Jersey, but furnaces come with a need for maintenancerepairs, and eventually replacement. You may be waiting for the heat to stop working to think it needs repairs. But there are less obvious signs you should be aware of so you can catch a problem before it goes out of control.

Unit Problems

There are noticeable issues that can happen with a furnace. For gas furnaces, you’ll have a pilot light that sets off the whole system to operate as it does. The pilot light should always be a blueish color. If you notice the flame looking more yellow, some fumes are not ventilating, which can be a safety hazard. Have an HVAC professional look at the unit as soon as possible.

Performance Issues

One of the most common problems you’ll see with a heater is a lack of adequate performance. If your home is not as warm as it should be, something may be wrong with the heater. An easy way to test this is to find a vent and see if the air is cool when you place your hand over it.

A steep spike in your heating bill could be an indication of a broken heater. Even if the heater is running seemingly normally, there may be an efficiency issue. When the system works harder than it needs to, it costs more money.

Another sign your heater is underperforming is an issue called “short-cycling.” This is when the system starts and stops several times throughout the day. It’s different from having the auto-fan on, as the system will only be on for maybe a minute or two, then shut off again. It costs more to continually be turning on the system rather than letting it run, so this could be connected to a spike in monthly costs.

Noises and Smells

You generally don’t want your furnace to be noisy or smelly. If you smell gas coming from the furnace, exit your home and call 911 immediately. It would be best if you also kept a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in the same area as the furnace in case of an emergency.

Smelling some fuel directly around the unit is normal. If the fuel smell doesn’t go away while the unit runs or starts to permeate other home areas, you should get it looked at by a professional.

Unusual noises are also a sign of possible unit failure. The unit won’t be silent, just like any appliance, but loud or persistent noise can be emblematic of a larger issue. Squealing, whistling, groaning, or banging are all noises that should prompt a call to an HVAC professional. If possible, record the noise to play for them and describe it in detail over the phone.

Importance of Maintenance

Repairs are always needed on any appliance, and a furnace is no different. But repairs on a properly-maintained furnace are usually a lot simpler than on one that hasn’t been taken care of.

It’s ideal to have your furnace inspected by an HVAC technician before it gets used every season. If you usually flip on the furnace around November, you should have a technician come out in October or November to do an inspection. The technician can find any lingering issues and deal with them before they become full-blown problems.

When problems are discovered early, it allows for prompt repair, as a damaged unit will keep getting worse over time. Then when it finally gets repaired, the job is more complex and costly.

Heater Repair in Flanders

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