A window air conditioning unit.

Window AC Unit Pros & Cons

If you live in a house or apartment that does not have central air conditioning, you most likely have window air conditioning units or are at least thinking about getting one. It’s getting to be that time of year again when a fan might not be enough to keep you cool during the day, so we’re going to break down the pros and cons of window AC units if you’re considering buying one.



One of the biggest advantages of window AC units is that they are very affordable. While the average cost of a window air conditioner is around $300, you can find some for as low as $100. The size of the room you’re installing the unit in will determine the number of BTU’s you’ll need in your window unit. To break it down for you, the more square footage you have, the more BTU’s you will need to cool that space down. As BTU’s increase, so does the price in the unit.


Even if you aren’t the typical handyman, installing a window AC unit is relatively easy. The step-by-step instructions are included with your purchase, so you just need to follow along to install the unit. For peace of mind during installation, it’s best to have an additional person there with you for an extra set of hands.

Use in a Variety of Rooms

A huge advantage of window AC units is that they can be used in different rooms throughout your home, as long as there is a window the unit fits in. Window units are very convenient in the sense that they can be uninstalled and reinstalled, depending on where you would like the unit to be.


Blocked Windows

Whichever window you choose to install your AC unit in, that window becomes blocked, meaning you won’t be able to open that window for fresh air or to let natural light into the room. Keep in mind that the window frame also needs to be able to hold the weight of the AC unit and there needs to be an electrical outlet nearby, which can sometimes be challenging.

Reduced Energy Efficiency for Bigger Homes

While window AC units work great in smaller rooms, they are not ideal for cooling an entire home and larger spaces. If you have a larger-sized home and don’t use central air conditioning, you’ll most likely need multiple window units for the house, which is a larger upfront cost and requires more time for installation.

Security Risk

We’ve all probably heard horror stories about window AC units falling out of the window and crashing to their death, but window units placed on ground level can sometimes pose a security risk. Since they are easy to rip out, thieves can easily get into your home. If you’re going on vacation or simply leaving town for a few days, we suggest removing the unit and reinstalling when you return home.

AC Services in Flanders

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