A space heater.

Space Heater Safety

It sure is cold out there, and most of us are looking for multiple ways to keep warm during the winter. If you’ve been choosing to use a space heater to give yourself some extra warmth in your home, there are some safety tips you should be following. Keep reading to find out!

Keep the Space Heater on the Floor

It might be tempting to put your space heater on a table or other piece of furniture to keep it away from your kids, but space heaters should be kept on the floor at surface level away from anything flammable. We recommend keeping your space heater at least three feet away from anything that can easily catch on fire, such as rugs and curtains.

Don’t Leave the Space Heater Alone

Leaving a space heater unattended is one of the best ways to cause a fire, and we definitely do not want that to happen. Whichever room you choose to keep the space heater in, you should stay in that room at all times while the space heater is turned on. Children tend to get very curious about objects that are within reach, and the last thing you want to deal with is a space heater that gets knocked over and potentially causes a burn or other injury.

Make Sure the Space Heater is Kept Away from Water

It’s no secret that water and electricity don’t mix, and the same goes for space heaters. Make sure your space heater is kept in a room where there’s no chance of water coming near it. Basically what we’re saying is that bathrooms and kitchens are not the best locations for space heaters.

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