A home wrapped in a scarf for winter.

Winter Heating Myths

When you think of winter, you might think of the holiday season, baking cookies with your family, building snowmen, and grandma’s hot chocolate recipe. However, winter also brings the cold weather, meaning most of us are relying on our heaters to stay warm and cozy inside. It’s no surprise that heating bills can skyrocket during the winter due to how much we rely on our heating system, but there are some common winter heating myths that many homeowners tend to fall for that are the reason their bills are increasing.

In this blog, we’re debunking all of those winter heating myths that make you think you’re saving money, but in reality are actually costing you. If you’re a victim of any of the below myths, this might be the reason why your heating bills have been so high lately. Don’t worry, Jack Frost Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC is here to help.

Closing Vents Will Save Money

If you think closing vents in unused rooms in your house will save you money, think again! Closing a few vents while your heater is on will only force your system to work even harder because it won’t know to only push air out of the vents that are open. Closing your vents will throw off your heater’s balance of equally pushing air through all of your vents, meaning your system will overwork itself to try and push air out of the closed vents. An overworked heater wastes energy and will result in higher heating bills.

Using Space Heaters Instead of Your HVAC System

“Let me just plug in the space heater instead of turning on the regular heat. I’ll save money.” This is the wrong mindset to have. Space heaters consume a ton of energy and they aren’t the safest option. Space heaters, like their name, are only designed to heat the room they are placed in. HVAC systems, on the other hand, are designed to heat your entire home efficiently. If you’re choosing to use space heaters because your HVAC system isn’t evenly heating your home, that’s when you call Jack Frost Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC to come take a look at your heater to see if it needs any repairs. Don’t immediately resort to space heaters.

Seasonal Heating Maintenance isn’t Necessary

Yes, it actually is necessary! Keeping up with seasonal maintenance for your HVAC system will actually save you money in the long run on costly repairs because Jack Frost Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC will be able to catch any issues with your system ahead of time. Neglecting seasonal maintenance will prevent HVAC professionals from repairing any problems with your system, which could cause your system to break down in the long run.

Turning the Heat Off When You Leave the House

Many homeowners tend to fall for the myth that turning your heating system off when you leave the house for an extended period of time will save them money. However, if you turn your heat off when you leave the house, your HVAC system will only overwork itself when it comes time for you to turn it back on. While your heater is off, your home will drop to a colder temperature, making your system work even harder to get it warm again once you turn it back on. This wastes energy, which will result in an increased heating bill.

Pro tip: If you leave your house, turn your thermostat down to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This will lower the temperature enough that it won’t increase your bills but will also keep your home warm enough to prevent frozen pipes.

Heating Services in Flanders

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