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Energy Kinetics Boiler In Flanders

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Energy Kinetics is a family owned business that manufactures high-efficiency boilers and hot water systems.  Their boilers are designed to be an eco-friendly alternative to cast iron boilers, using advanced technologies to maximize efficiency, minimize waste heat and combine fuel blends. Energy Kinetic boilers are known for being quiet, reliable and easy to service. They are available in a variety of fuel types including natural gas, oil, and propane. Here at  Jack Frost Heating & Air Conditioning we are proud Energy Kinetics Premier Dealers in Flanders, Mendham, and surrounding areas.

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What Does It Mean To Be An Energy Kinetics Premier Dealer?

Energy Kinetics Premier Dealers belongs to Energy Kinetics highest level of dealership, and all have these great benefits for consumers:

  • 1. Premier Dealers have installed a minimum of 20 System 2000, Ascent Combi, Ascent Plus Combi, Resolute or Accel CS boilers per year and have many years of experience with all Energy Kinetics’ heating systems, which means they know your system inside and out.
  • 2. Premier Dealers continually participate in training for all employees to provide them with up to date service and installation knowledge and techniques, which means you will have high knowledgeable and skilled technicians installing and servicing your system.
  • 3. Premier Dealers use combustion analyzers for the most accurate settings and tune-up, which means your system will maintain its high efficiency and quiet, trouble free operation.
  • 4. Premier Dealers have professional heating consultants on staff to answer questions and provide professionally designed solutions for each application, which means a system will be designed for your specific need and lifestyle.

Why Choose an Energy Kinetics Boiler?

  • Whisper Quiet: One of the most overlooked and greatly appreciated features of the boilers is quiet operation. Energy Kinetics’ whisper quiet operation is extraordinary.
  • Endless Hot Showers: System 2000, Resolute, Accel CS, Ascent Combi and Ascent Plus Combi produce super-efficient heating PLUS high output hot water. Hot water is readily available through a hot water storage tank. 
  • Hybrid Energy Recovery:  The special Hybrid Energy Recovery cycle has a proven track record of quietly helping homeowners save for nearly 30 years. Energy Kinetics’ boilers cut heat and hot water costs by approximately 39%. The condensing Accel CS boiler can save even more.
  • Made in the USA: All boilers are proudly Made in the USA in Lebanon, New Jersey; all out of 1 facility to ensure maximum quality control. Replacement parts are available for immediate shipment or pick up, which allow for quick repairs.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty: Energy Kinetics’ has one of the best warrantys’ in the industry. Call your Jack Frost HVAC specialist today for more details.

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Save money and energy with the efficient Energy Kinetics’ heating and hot water complete home system. Jack Frost can provide you with professional installation and knowledgeable routine maintenance services on Energy Kinetics’ systems, therefore reducing the frequency of needing to schedule repairs.

Unquestionably, we provide our high-quality services to customers of Energy Kinetics in Flanders, Randolph and the surrounding areas.

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